How to…Snatch

Snatch is the first discipline of olympic weightlifting. It's more technical than clean and jerk. First video is just for inspiration to lift hard.

We can divide snatch into six phases…

1. Approach

The bar is approached with back straight, and the lifter crouches low and grasps the bar, with the balls of the feet directly under it. Legs are bent with the buttocks close to the heels. While any grip may be used, it is standard to use a wide grip, with the hands near the ends of the bar. A hook grip is normally used in competition. The chest is puffed out and the shoulders slightly forward of the bar.

2. Beginning

The hips, shoulders and bar move at the same pace. The lifter pushes from the toes and slowly transitions the weight into the mid-foot. The angle of the torso relative to the ground remains constant. The bar is kept close to the legs, brushing them a little on the way up, ensuring proper alignment of the body.
3. Acceleration
When the weight is at mid-thigh, the bar is accelerated upward by powerful hip+knee+ankle extension until the body is fully erect. This is done in conjunction with an explosive shrug. This part of the lift is known as the 'scoop' or 'second pull.' Often, a lifter will bend the knees slightly and bring his torso to vertical before the second pull. This is called the 'double knee bend' style of lifting.

4. Dip-under

At the apex of the bar's height, the lifter squats down under the bar while continuing to push up on it (or visualizing pushing his body down).

5.  Catch

The barbell is caught with locked arms overhead at the bottom of the overhead squat motion. This part of the motion requires a developed sense of timing and coordination, and is the crux of the entire lift.

6.  Squat

The arms remained locked with the weight overhead and the lifter stands up from the squat position.

On Youtube, You can find perfect video series from CaliforniaStrength about snatch technique and training…

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